Stratford School Academy


Stratford School Academy, designed by Nicholas Hare Architects, is the first school in the London PSBP batch. The Academy expanded to a 1500 student academy split over two sites. The two sites were Grosvenor Road and Upton Lane, each housing 750 students, the latter site accommodates a resourced provision for 20 students on the autistic spectrum and the Sports hall is shared between both schools.

Upton Lane
The main pedestrian and visitor access is from Upton Lane, set back across a paved plaza. The main entrance provides a strong visual focus for the building on the main road, a canopy frames the corner of the building, between the projecting brick elements of the hall and staircase. Glazed meeting rooms sit beneath an attractive coloured box, highlighting the entrance to the Academy.

Grosvenor Road
The entrance is highlighted via the double height canopy and curtain walling which links the two retained elements of the design. To reinforce the synergy between the two sites, solid coloured panels were introduced to the protruding first floor block which slides out over the external dining area.