The Arup building from the air

The Arup building from the air

29 September 2014

The extensive refurbishment and remodelling of the Arup Building at the University of Cambridge continues and the largest roofed scaffolding of this type ever to be installed in Europe can be seen in this aerial photo.

Once the project is complete next year, the building will house the extended Zoology Museum and the Babbage Lecture Theatre, together with the recently established Cambridge Conservation Initiative.

The retention of the building is the first step in developing an exemplary approach to carbon management as part of the bespoke sustainability plan.

'The refurbishment of a fine example of 1960s architectural brutalism will demonstrate the highest levels of environmental sustainability and be an exemplar of how to enrich and conserve biodiversity in an urban setting'
Cambridge Conservation Initiative

Photo courtesy of Connect Scaffolding Ltd


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