Green Sky Thinking Week

Green Sky Thinking Week

We are taking part in Open City's Green Sky Thinking Week again this year.

Our invited speakers will be discussing why and how there are too few incentives to build energy-efficient buildings. Unless we grasp the nettle, the lights will go out sooner rather than later.

Sustainability may be a science, but its agenda does not exist in a scientific vacuum and its financial context is inevitably politically driven. Does a focus on initial capital costs too often preclude sensible decisions? Our speakers will examine the case for sensible legislation that does not stifle industry.

Speakers are:
Graeme Nicolson - UK Director of Oil and Gas at Rexel, David Clark - partner at Cundall Johnston and Partner and author of the seminal work "What Colour is Your Building" published by RIBA last year and Ashley Bateson, Head of the Sustainability Group at Hoare Lea.


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