Offices & Workplace

Emerging attitudes to work are requiring agile approaches to workplace design. Work once implied specified locations and hours, but evolving types and patterns of work continue to blur such traditional designations.

We place people at the centre of our design approach. We understand the value of collaboration and engaging with occupiers, tenants and employees. We get the basics right: thermal comfort, good daylight, acoustics and user control in order to drive a healthy and prosperous workspace that is enjoyable and inclusive, and one that helps to attract and retain the best talent.

We enjoy and are experienced in working with specialist organisations and businesses, property developers and agents, to develop creative and flexible environments that foster collaboration, productivity and innovation. Our designs respond to a range of tenants’ needs, whether an adaptable space for start-ups, a headquarters or specialist R&D facility for a blue-chip corporation, or an innovative making-space for an arts enterprise.

Different modes of work require a range of interconnected settings, from individual workspace to group, break-out and touch-down areas. We look to curate a thriving work environment through the design of spaces that are supported by diverse furniture solutions and connected through technology.