High Line London Exhibition

High Line London Exhibition

23 October 2012

Six entrants from Nicholas Hare Architects put forward their proposals for new green spaces for a High Line for London, an ideas competition organised by the Landscape Institute. Don't miss all entries being exhibited on 23 October at the Garden Museum.

Tania Ostanina imagined how Moselle, one of London's subterranean rivers, could be the focal point for a museum and restaurant based in Highgate's underground station. Joanna Day proposed elevated and glass-bottomed swimming routes along the city's forgotten rivers and Phillip Hall-Patch proposed pixellating London with living green walls. Russel Hayden wanted to expand the walkways along the canals, Niamh O'Reilly looked at raising the underground City river Walbrook, while Matthew Petford suggested living, breathing, mobile meadows which would transform any street into Garden of England for a street party to remember.


Panel discussion - Is Passivhaus sustainable?