Oana joins the Change by Design workshop in Johannesburg

Oana joins the Change by Design workshop in Johannesburg

14 June 2024

Oana Gavris, an Architect from NHA, recently participated in the Change by Design workshop in Johannesburg. Run by Architecture Sans Frontieres (ASF UK) in collaboration with local South African organizations, the workshop focused on informally occupied buildings in the inner-city Johannesburg.

It provided a fantastic opportunity for practical engagement in a city where many individuals face barriers to accessing affordable, healthy, and sustainable housing. Key activities included interviews with residents, policy research, as well as attending lectures from local academics and practitioners. Oana’s focus was holding interviews with residents to understand their current living conditions and aspirations for the future.

The workshop concluded with a public exhibition, showcasing the team's findings from their research and engagement ("Acts of Care: stories of collective maintenance and repair in inner-city Joburg”).


Nicholas Hare 1942-2024

“The workshop was a great platform for me to expand my knowledge, share ideas, and actively participate in promoting fairer and more inclusive cities. The prevalent issues in South Africa, such as displacement challenges, housing insecurity, and substandard living conditions, are not unique to this region and resonate globally. Ultimately, I aspire to apply lessons from this workshop in order to better address housing issues and promote community resilience in vulnerable urban environments, regardless of geographical boundaries."
Oana Gavris, Architect at Nicholas Hare Architects