The Courtauld Institute of Art

The project involved developing a number of masterplan options with the Courtauld Institute, examining how spatial expansion could be achieved within the rigid confines of Somerset House, a Grade 1 listed building.

The reorganisation of three libraries liberated fine eighteenth century rooms on the piano nobile for the creation of a new research forum. The reconfigured space accommodates researchers, administration and a multi-function meeting/lecture room. Spaces are separated by wooden divisions which contain study booths, audio-visual equipment and storage for chairs. Each space can be configured as a study area, lecture room or used for social functions.

The contemporary design includes furniture-like walls containing study spaces and concealed storage for furniture and equipment. New walls are separated from historic fabric by frameless glazing allowing users to enjoy the visual benefits of the historic rooms while appreciating the more flexible space usage that is demanded of a modern arts facility.