Unity Campus Phase 3 - Feasibility Design

The third phase at Unity Campus will complete NHA's 2018 masterplan. Following the success of phase two, Howard Group engaged NHA to develop a initial proposals for 50,000 sq ft of chemistry focused CL2 laboratories and a café pavilion at the heart of a completed landscaped square.

The proposal places the accommodation in two distinct wings with a central atrium facing the square. The atrium will function as a light and airy internal garden space for the building users. Shared circulation will be vital to ensure that the navigation of the large building is clear and easy to grasp.

The laboratories are located in one of the building wings that has a floorplate depth of 20m and designed to a 3.6m module to suit the arrangement of centrally placed fume cupboards. A reduced cement concrete frame, will carry the major structural loads and meet the stringent vibration criteria.

The offices occupy a separate wing with a 12m deep floorplate of exposed mass structural timber. The envelope to the entire building is wrapped in curtain walling and articulated with external shading.

The central square at the heart of the campus will be transformational for the users already established at Unity Campus. This landscape will provide a variety of urban garden spaces ranging from shaded and enclosed outside meeting spaces to lawns and wildflower meadows bustling with life. Within this setting will be placed a glazed green-roofed pavilion formed of be made using a fully exposed timber frame. This will provide bookable meeting spaces, FM offices and a publicly accessible café.

To address the enhanced vehicular servicing requirement a goods in/out yard has been included that can accommodate artic lorry parking from the London Road entrance.

This NHA approach to design continues the fast pace of innovation at Unity Campus. It aims to not only to lower operation carbon in use but embodied carbon in construction.

Our Team

  • John Leonard
  • Chris Mannings
  • Oana Gavris
  • Maria Kaik
  • Simon Salvador Garcia

Project Team