WGBW at NHA - The Conclusion

WGBW at NHA - The Conclusion

24 September 2015

A full house audience was treated to a stimulating debate last night at our World Green Building Week event, Will collaboration help to close the gap? Speakers from Wilkinson Eyre Architects, Couch Perry Wilkes, Green Tomato Energy and Verco Advisory Services offered different perspectives, each seeking to challenge this important question as the government largely steps back from driving forward the green agenda.

The underlying theme was the importance of a sound design approach, actually to eliminate the gap. Soft landings is a significant contributor, as is Passivhaus for guaranteed performance, but fundamentally the key driver is the client's aspirations and a solid business case. Whilst compliance has been the focus, new business models are now emerging that adopt a more grass roots approach to simply reducing energy in use.

There remain challenges, not least of all certain procurement routes, but overall it is clear that collaboration not only helps, but also is vital to closing the gap.

"Another expert debate @NHA_llp #WGBW15 last night. Engaging speakers with solutions to rating & energy."
Veronica Kingsley @VKInterface


World Green Building Week at NHA