Bio-Escalator project

University of Oxford

The vision for the Oxford BioEscalator was to realise the potential of developing a leading international centre for the commercial exploitation of bioscience and medical research and innovation. To kick start this initiative it was necessary to pioneer a new model of bioscience business growth that would reduce the risks associated with early stage firms to create resilient, sustainable, bio-tech companies. 

Capitalizing on its unique location between the University’s medical research buildings and the Churchill and John Radcliffe Hospitals, the bio-escalator design was developed to provide a mix of options for micro and SME tenants.  The range of facilities included a start-up studio, shared laboratory facilities for early stage businesses and individual lab suites for growing mid-sized firms requiring dedicated and bespoke labs space fitted out to their needs.

To create a hub for this growing community the brief evolved to included open-access networking facilities, meeting rooms, a dedicated conference/events centre, and a social space with café.