Glyndebourne Production Hub
Glyndebourne Production Hub
Glyndebourne Production Hub

Glyndebourne Production Hub

The new Production Hub will be Glyndebourne's biggest capital development since the rebuilding of its opera house in 1994. The purpose of the project is to create an excellent environment for those who make props, scenery and costumes. The new building will house both the technical workspace needed to mount its productions and a rehearsal space and new music practice rooms.

The design places a double-height assembly workshop at the centre of the building and ranges the other spaces around it. This arrangement gives a strong sense of internal identity to the building and makes it easy for everyone to orientate themselves within it.

Our plan to build a new, state-of-the-art production hub will unite our making departments under one roof and give them world-class facilities in which to work. Not only will this help us achieve the highest possible artistic standards, but it will also ensure we continue to attract the best expert staff.
Gus Christie, Executive Chairman, Glyndebourne Productions

The heavier props and carpentry departments are placed on the ground floor, with the costume department and rehearsal room above. These are separated from the central space by glazing, which will reinforce the sense of a shared identity, while offering an ideal route for visitors' tours to look down into the props and carpentry workshops as well as into those of the costume department.

The tea-room on the first floor will bring together all those in the building. It has a large window facing towards the theatre and the landscape beyond. The building will uphold Glyndebourne's high environmental credentials and achieve an 'Excellent' BREEAM rating. Its exterior will be clad in dark-stained timber.

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