Warwick Independent Schools Foundation

Project One Campus

The Project One Campus for the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation involves the relocation of the King's High School and creation of new state of the art facilities at the Myton Road campus. The buildings designed by Nicholas Hare Architects include the new King’s High School, a sixth form centre, a high-tech music school and new facilities for sports, art and design technology.

These new education buildings form part of an ambitious masterplan for the campus to become a greener, safer and altogether more attractive environment. The new buildings create a series of separate, intimate linked buildings that aim to reduce the overall impact on the site. The careful massing creates a rich and diverse series of buildings, with a variety of roof forms, unified by their materials which sit comfortably both within the context of the existing school buildings and the wider historic context.

The visual impact on the approach to Warwick and the use of a simple palette of materials, sympathetic to the existing context, were key criteria for developing the scheme. Whilst developing the design, Nicholas Hare Architects consulted with Warwick District Council, Historic England and the Conservation Advisory Forum to identify the key constraints and opportunities for the site. This engagement has resulted in a project that embeds itself into the historic context of Warwick and delivers outstanding facilities for the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation.

The project commenced in 2017 and was completed in the Summer of 2020.

King's High School

King’s High School is an independent girls’ school and forms part of the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation.
The school has moved from its Warwick town centre site and relocated to the campus where Warwick School and Warwick Preparatory School are based, consolidating the Foundation’s estate and providing an opportunity for improved facilities for all the schools.

The new two storey building is designed around a landscaped courtyard that establishes an intimate ‘heart’ for the school and inspirational educational facility for its students and staff. A canopied main entrance with a tall, raking brick wall gathers visitors and guides them to the school’s reception set within a double height entrance space. Teaching classrooms, science labs, administration and staff accommodation are arranged along the courtyard’s east and west sides while the larger volume, assembly type spaces are positioned to the north and south.

The new, timber lined assembly hall to the north of the courtyard, is large enough to contain the whole school population. A suite of drama spaces, including two double height studios, adjacent to the hall can be accessed using interconnecting doors. The King’s High library forms the courtyard’s southern elevation, making it highly visible from the rest of the building; reinforcing the school’s message of educational excellence and academic achievement.

A new dining hall completes the building’s southern elevation, next to the playing fields providing an excellent venue for post-match receptions.

Working with Nicholas Hare Architects has been a delight, with the project being delivered within time and on budget to the highest possible specification within these constraints.
Simon Jones, Foundation Secretary

Sports Technology

The new sports technology centre has been designed as a formal brick-clad building that wraps around the existing Bridge Sports Hall on three sides and provides a new frontage, facing the school entrance on Banbury Road and the approach into Warwick.

A series of zinc-clad, pyramidal roofs topped with glazed lanterns are laid out along the south elevation to provide studio and workshop space for Art, Design Technology and Food Technology.

The modern building provides new sports facilities that include a full height timber-lined gym, fitness suite, changing areas, staff rooms and lockers.

The beauty of the spaces is extraordinary.
Richard Nicholson, King’s High School headmaster

Sixth Form Centre

The new centre for Warwick School and King’s High students provides generous social and study facilities that reflect the vibrant life that sixth form offers. Externally the building has been designed as a two-storey brick volume with a lightweight aluminium and glass ‘penthouse’.

Internally, the spaces are consciously different to other teaching spaces within the Foundation, to reflect the nature of the occupants within.

Students can use the ground floor café and social space during break times and free periods. A wide timber accommodation stair leads to the first floor and is designed to be used for informal seating or extra curriculum events.

The first floor is dedicated to an extensive careers zone, including the careers office, library, one-to-one meeting rooms and informal seminar areas. The top floor is dedicated to quiet study and links to a roof-top terrace that can be used for events.

This is extremely exciting news for our schools and our Foundation and we look forward, in the coming years, to the creation of a distinctive and very special community on a single and outstanding campus.
Simon Jones, Foundation Secretary

Music Building

The music building completes the fourth side of a new landscaped quad in the centre of the Myton Road campus. A tree lined path leads to a double height entrance space with a performance hall on one side and a wing of teaching spaces on the other.

The performance hall seats an audience of 140 and is designed to provide rehearsal space for a full 60-piece symphony orchestra. The space is treated as a musical instrument in its own right; folded, timber-panels provide acoustic reflection and absorption to ensure that a range of different musical performances can take place in an outstanding music venue.

This project was completed in the Summer of 2020.

Our Team

  • Jamie Agnew
  • Paul Baxter
  • Philip Dring
  • William Hayward
  • Chris Mannings

Project Team

  • Client: Warwick Independent Schools Foundation
  • Project Management: Arup
  • Cost Planning: Arup
  • Structural Engineer: Arup
  • Services Engineer: Arup
  • Services Engineer (Stage 4-5): Coles Grant Jones
  • Landscape Architect: Fira
  • Sustainability Consultant: Arup
  • Acoustician: Arup
  • Fire Engineer: Arup
  • Contractor: Speller Metcalfe
  • Photography: Alan Williams


  • Winner: RIBA West Midlands Award
  • Winner: RIBA West Midlands, Project Architect of the Year