Student Services Centre

University of Southampton

The RIBA Award winning Centre provides a 'one-stop-shop' for student services at the University’s Highfield Campus.

The building is strategically located on the southern edge of the Basil Spence-masterplanned campus, on a triangle of land that prompted the concept of two new linked blocks and the entrance atrium. The atrium links the new offices to the original administration building and provides a generous entrance and collecting place for students.

An emphasis on simple to operate energy-saving technology was applied throughout. The building is naturally ventilated and uses the thermal mass of the ground and the structure to assist in cooling. Integrated photovoltaic cells on the atrium roof provide solar power and return energy to the grid. Rainwater is harvested and artificial lighting minimised.

Not only did your team finish off the new building in some style, and on time, but they also completed the double, with the addition of a tricky refurbishment on the ground floor of the old building, successfully linking it with the new atrium, and continuing the style of the new into the old, with economy and imagination.
John Brightwell, University of Southampton
Most of all I enjoyed working with your colleagues in a large and happy team.
John Brightwell, University of Southampton


  • Winner: RIBA Southeast Award
  • Runner-up: HEEPI Green Gown Awards