The London Film School

The London Film School is embarking on its next chapter, set in the revitalised docklands of east London, London City Island. The School has adopted a redundant building, left partially complete when the development was halted in 2008. The project is one of reinvention and creative re-use, working with the existing constraints and opportunities to create industry standard technical facilities, such as the sound stage equipped with a lighting rig for film production and a 66-seat cinema for film screenings, surrounded by open flexible space for practical teaching, tutorials and events.

The project delivers a collaborative learning environment where the students are immersed into the world of film-making, and are encouraged to engage across all disciplines. The combination of spaces provides the setting for a practical and intensive film education in all the craft areas from directing, producing, cinematography, production design, sound recording and editing.

London City Island is broadly residential and set to become a cultural hub of dance, film and art with the support and collaboration of The English National Ballet and The London Film School.

NHA have helped us realise our vision of a ‘film school for the future’ and challenged us to be more innovative and creative in thinking about our new space.
Jane Roscoe, Director of The London Film School

Specialist Conservatoire

Established in 1956, the London Film School is one of three UK Creative Skillset Film Academies, and is one of the few remaining specialist conservatoires in the world. It provides a creative hothouse environment for film education and craft excellence. The School commenced its journey over 60 years ago in a few rooms above shops in Electric Avenue, Brixton before moving to a warehouse in Covent Garden.

The team spent time at the school, and got a real understanding of how we work, and our particular needs. Together we have worked on creating a new film school – not just the space, but the way we think and work.
Jane Roscoe, Director of The London Film School
A formidable team, it has been a really exciting process.
Jane Roscoe, Director of The London Film School

Our Team

Project Team

  • Client: The London Film School
  • Project Management: Cushman & Wakefield
  • Cost Planning: Bigham Anderson Partnership
  • Structural Engineer: Integral Engineering Design
  • Services Engineer: Max Fordham
  • Acoustician: Max Fordham
  • Fire Engineer: Exova Warringtonfire
  • AV & Cinema Technical Consultant: Wave Science Technology