Green Sky Thinking Week

Green Sky Thinking Week

16 May 2017
Talks & Events

Electric cars good - electric buildings, bad?

Electric and hybrid cars are on the cusp of a revolution. They are widely perceived and marketed as the green choice, and many cities are clamping down on conventional fossil fuelled cars to improve air quality.

In building design, by contrast, designers commonly try to minimise operational electrical consumption as it is seen as expensive and carbon heavy. “Electric cars good - electric buildings, bad?” will explore the role of electricity in car and building design as the energy mix and design practice evolves.

This is the fifth year Nicholas Hare Architects are hosting an evening of debate in our studio during 2017 Green Sky Thinking Week, a week-long, London-wide events programme for built environment and property professionals, organised by Open-City.

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2017 RICS East of England Awards Commendation