Courtyard Building, Bancroft's School

Bancroft’s School is a Grade II listed building located on the edge of Epping Forest. Our commission included preparation of a masterplan to establish a framework for future phased expansion and refurbishment of the school’s facilities.

The first phase of development extended the existing language of courtyards and provides kitchen and dining facilities, as well as classrooms and a sixth-form centre. 

The second phase consisted of a new sports hall beside the playing fields. 

Our Team

  • Lucy Britton
  • Adam Cornish
  • Chris Davies
  • Russel Hayden
  • Carol Lelliott
  • Tim Offer

Project Team

  • Client: Bancroft's School
  • Cost Planning: Stace Quantity Surveying
  • Structural engineer: Alan Consibee & Associates
  • Services Engineer: Crofton Design
  • CDM Coordinator: Stace Health and Safety
  • Acoustician: Sandy Brown Associates
  • Catering Consultant: Winton Nightingale Consultancy
  • Contractor: Kilby & Gayford
  • Photography: Tim Crocker