Great Fen Visitor Centre Competition


We submitted two proposals for this RIBA competition.

The 'Fenland Beacon' is rooted in the landscape; responding to the inherent qualities of the Great Fen. The expansive sweep of the timber façade that extends and dissolves into the landscape is punctuated by the tower dramatically rising above the Fenland horizon, anchoring the structure and providing a wayfinding beacon, visible across the expanse of the Great Fen. 

The 'Great Sky' is a shimmering, mirrored disc floating above the flat horizon of the Great Fen atop a shallow cone of fenland planting - a dramatic profile and marker in the landscape, but also one camouflaged when seen from the air. The spherical surface reflects 360 degree views of the continually evolving Fen landscape while the landscaped cone allows the circular structure to act as a compass. International design e-zine ArchDaily featured both these projects.

Our Team

  • Amy Corrigan
  • Phil Hall-Patch
  • Richard Smyth