Old Street Park


Our winning entry for the 'Old Street Iconic Gateway' competition launched by Islington Council, TfL and the Mayor of London creates: Old Street Park - a vibrant, new landmark. The elliptical form is reminiscent of a velodrome and instantly recognisable for orientating oneself in the city.

For underground commuters it is a bright, clean, safe entrance to the station. It’s a bookshop and newspaper stand. For office workers it is an escape, a resting spot in the sun, a place to watch and a place to be seen. For the daily cyclist it is covered, secure parking. It’s a workshop to repair a puncture, rent a locker for the day, replace a front light for the safe ride home. For families and friends, it is a weekend meeting place, an event space, an open-air cinema and a food market. 

For London, it is an opportunity, a landmark, a green space, a piece of the jigsaw, a postcard image, a new vista and view.

The project has been featured in the Architect's Journal, Dezeen and Building Design

A flexible, green, smart public space for cyclists, residents, workers, and visitors that harnesses the social, environmental and economic aspirations of the area for the Old Street community.
Islington Council

Old Street Park App

The Old Street Park community provides an app that gives information on events, daily menus, live offers and vouchers. It can be used to book tickets for the outdoor cinema, live performances or workshops. Cyclists are offered intelligent parking with app based live occupancy figures. Simple LED displays above each rack give a clear indication when bays are free. Bicycles can be booked in for maintenance with the on-site team who collect and return once repairs are complete. 


The construction is simple; a bright steel frame raises a timber circuit above the ground to provide elevated views and covered lock up space for bicycles. An upper roof deck provides shelter for cyclists below and is finished with a growing medium and irrigation system for planting. The facade is wrapped with an integrated video surface that provides a dynamic, visually engaging halo of advertising. 


Planting at high level includes varieties of brightly coloured and ecologically rich perennial mixes with exceptional biodiversity and ecological benefits to wildlife. Mixed with this are evergreen deciduous climbing plants that cascade over the edge and provide flowers and year-round interest.The trees and planting at ground level are robust and tolerant to pollution. They provide shade in the summer, filter noise and improve the air quality.

Our Team

Project Team

  • Structural Engineer: Price & Myers
  • Services Engnineer: Hoare Lea
  • Landscape Architect: Fira