Higher Education

We are excited to be part of the revolution that is going on in Higher Education Design. The new focus on student experience has been transformational in thinking about how best students learn and what makes university life fulfilling and memorable.

Our experience in designing for students spans from one of the first student centres in the UK, which pioneered the one-stop-shop support centre, through to our New Student Centre for UCL, which brings together a whole range of environments of different mood and formality that respond to individual and collaborative learning modes.

At the same time, research environments are benefiting from a similar emphasis on collaboration and a number of our projects have explored the balance needed between quiet reflective thinking and interaction. That exploration has involved quite different contexts.

Whether re-thinking, from first principles, the desirable characteristics of a 21st Century university on a brand new site - such as our work at UCL East – or designing innovative research facilities within the constraints of historic buildings and the sensitive settings of Oxbridge.